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We’ve Created the Shower of the Future

The Nebia team has answered the age-old question – how can you create the luxurious feeling of more water, even when you’re using less?

Nebia Shower nozzles

We do it with our proprietary atomising nozzles. They use geometry and pressure to break up the water and disperse it into a fine mist. Believe it or not, we use the same software used in jet engine research to model the water’s fluid mechanics and thermal properties.

The usual showers spurt out streams of large droplets, but our atomising nozzles produce a fine mist of millions of droplets, optimising your shower and maintaining the perfect temperature. All of that and Nebia saves saving up to 65% more water when compared to other showers.

Designing an Immersive Experience

The Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 and Nebia by Moen use patented H2Micro™ technology to emit microdroplets that keep you warmer and immersed more than the competition.

Nebia droplet precision

Our engineering team is dedicated to refining the shower experience to a level never before experienced.
Nebia showers produce more highly refined droplets than any other models on the market.

Double the Coverage

We use the EPA WaterSense coverage test to measure how well our shower technology disperses water. It measures how much of the water falls into concentric rings at a distance of 45 cm. Nebia showers can cover a 50 cm diameter, which is more than double the standard 20 cm showerhead.

Nebia shower 2x coverage
Rinsing hair under a Nebia shower

A Spa Experience in your own home

Nebia’s droplets are smaller than anything else on the market, which ensures you have an immersive spa experience, enveloped in a cloud of steam and micro-droplets.

Nebia rinses soap away with ease

Nebia droplets pack a powerful punch, travelling faster than standard showers and rinsing away more soap than the other showers on the market. We measure Nebia’s rinsing abilities in three ways - EPA WaterSense Spray Force test, our own Rinsing Efficiency test (which you can see in the video below), and by speaking with our users. Nebia showers exceed expectations for all three tests.

Nebia 3x faster
Nebia shower water savings

Saving water

Nebia 2.0 saves up to 65% of water when compared to a standard shower system, while Nebia by Moen will help you save up to 45%.

£ savings

A family of 4 in London will save £670 / year on heating and water bills with Nebia 2.0, and £480 / year with Nebia by Moen.

Heating savings

Nebia 2.0 can save 60% of the heating energy when compared to a standard shower, while Nebia by Moen can save 41%.

Real People.

Real Science.

Designed for real people, with real science

Nebia focuses on using the most environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, materials, and manufacturing locations to minimise the impact on the planet.

Nebia Spa Shower 2.0
Nebia by Moen


An extrusion process that produces less waste
The Nebia Shower System uses an extruded arm and bracket system, a process that pushes molten aluminium through a two-dimensional die, and which minimises wasted materials.

Nebia by Moen point 1


We use aluminium, a sustainable metal
Aluminium is a sustainable metal that can be remelted and reused. Did you know that recycled aluminium only requires 5% of the energy needed to create new aluminium?

Nebia by Moen point 2


Regrinding plastic and injection moulding
We use regrinding and injection moulding process that ensures that we never waste any excess material.

Nebia by Moen point 3


We use PVC-free Hose
All of our hosing is free of (polyvinyl chloride), one of the most environmentally detrimental plastics.

Nebia by Moen point 4


Our H₂Micro™ technology uses atomisation to break down the water into millions of small droplets. The result? Your bathroom is transformed into a spa-like steam room that also saves heaps of water. The best of both worlds!

Nebia by Moen’s droplets are smaller and more immersive than those of typical showers, providing a spa experience for all users. Our unique shower technology causes droplets to travel faster, rinsing you more thoroughly than the competition.

While smaller droplets typically cool down faster than larger droplets, we’ve overcome thing problem with our custom-designed Nebia by Moen™ spray nozzles. Their spatial arrangement prevents cool down and ensures ideal thermal comfort.

Find out more about Nebia by Moen’s water consumption and savings, and learn about our coverage, experience, and rinsing capacity – click here.

Nebia by Moen provides an upgrade from the already fantastic Nebia 2.0, giving you more spray force and coverage, and keeping you warmer than ever. It boasts has 43cm of vertical slide and a 20 cm showerhead, with eight different spray nozzles. Best of all, it’s available at our lowest price point.

Nebia 2.0 saves more water, up to 65%, because it uses finer droplets. It has a 61 cm vertical slide and a 25.5 cm showerhead that comes complete with 13 different spray nozzles, as well as premium materials.

Learn more about the specifications of both two showers by clicking here.

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