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Nebia Spa Shower 2.0

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65% less water and 200% more water coverage. You’ll never find a warmer and more thorough shower than a Nebia 2.0 shower system.

Meticulously engineered for perfect warmth, rinsing, pressure, and body coverage, Nebia 2.0 offers a superior shower experience by atomising water into tiny droplets. 

The Nebia 2.0 is 29% warmer than our original design, with 3X more pressure, and a 2X better coverage than a traditional shower. This is more than your typical low-flow shower head.

It’s a shower system that’s better in every way. A superior experience, iconic design, and 65% water savings — reducing a small family’s water bill by ~£1,050 in 8 months.

30 Day Return Policy

Enjoy Nebia risk-free. Our ‘no hassle, no questions asked’ return policy allows you to try your new shower for 30 days. We’re confident you’ll love it, but in case you’re not 100% satisfied, just send it back for a full refund.


Every detail has been intentionally designed to give you a magical experience, day after day.

Child being showered

Feels incredible
Nebia’s proprietary H₂Micro™ technology atomizes water into millions of micro droplets, making less water feel like so much more. The experience is unlike any other, blending the best of a steam room and a traditional shower.

Hands under a shower

Rinses flawlessly
Despite their small size, our atomised water droplets are mighty. They move 300% faster than droplets from a standard shower, ensuring they effectively rinse shampoo out of even the thickest of hair.

Dog being showered

Saves water and £
Nebia 2.0 saves 65% of water compared to standard showers, setting a new standard for water savings in the home and lowering your water bill.

See why customers love Nebia

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Nebia Spa Shower Features

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Adjustable height shower

Adjust with ease to make the Nebia shower your ideal height

The Nebia Spa Shower has been designed for people of varying heights, easily sliding 60 centimetres up and down so that everyone gets their perfect shower experience.

Keep your hair dry while you wash your body

The Nebia Spa Shower has been designed so that you can easily avoid getting your hair wet while you shower. Our 45 degrees of movement allows you to customise your spray, keep your hair dry, and maintain your ‘do for longer.

Stay dry adjustable shower
Wand shower accessory

The Nebia wand – just right

Our wand is ergonomically designed to work brilliantly as a hand shower, or you can attach it to the magnetic dock to shower in relaxation and style.


Recommended shower enclosures

Shower enclosure 1

Regular sized shower enclosure

A small 1m x 1m to medium 2.5m x 2.5m shower with a glass door and slight opening at the top, or a fully enclosed shower, works perfectly with Nebia.

Shower enclosure 2

Bathtub with shower curtain

This set-up works very well. Just make sure that your shower curtain hangs tightly against the side of your bathtub, without any openings on the sides.

Pro tip: Add weights to the bottom of your curtain to prevent it from billowing.

Shower enclosure 3

Very large shower enclosure

Shower enclosures that are greater than 3m x 3m tend to lead to a less-than-ideal Nebia experience as it takes too long for the steam to build up.

Shower enclosure 4

Shower with large opening

An open-air shower or a shower with a large opening, such as one full-side panel, leads to a less-than-ideal Nebia experience, as the steam cannot build up efficiently.

Here's what you'll need:

Temperature icon
Water temperature

To enjoy Nebia to the fullest, an inlet temperature of at least 115˚F (46˚C) is recommended.

Gauge icon
Water pressure

Nebia by Moen has the best results with a household water pressure of at least 20psi / 1.4bar.

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A compatible shower

Verify your shower's compatibility here.

Tools icon
15 minutes for install

Note that if you're based outside of North America, the install may take slightly longer as it may require drilling. Watch our install videos here.

Go easier on the planet – and your wallet

Nebia customers have helped to save more than 400 million litres of water to date! Not only can Nebia by Moen help you conserve water, but it also enables you to save money. Use our interactive calculator to measure your estimated environmental impact and find out how much you can save based on your location and the number and duration of your daily showers.

Simple installation

It couldn’t be easier to install the Nebia 2.0 shower system – you don’t need any prior experience. We’ve designed our shower system to be simple to install just by following our guide. Check the compatibility requirements, and if you feel unclear about any step, watch our videos for more guidance. If you still don’t feel comfortable with any aspect of the installation, get in touch with a plumber.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the box

The contents of the box include the Nebia Spa Shower 2 and an install kit for connecting your Nebia 2.0 to your plumbing.

Nebia Spa Shower 2 whats in the box


The Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 has been designed to work with overhead water outlets. Check out our compatibility guide here.

If your shower’s water outlet is around or below your waistline (a bar mixer), we have an adapter kit that you can purchase here.

Traditional overhead/handheld combo shower systems often require extra valves, in-wall plumbing, and the services of a plumber, all of which can add up to thousands of pounds. In contrast, you can quickly install the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 on your own in 15 minutes.

The Nebia 2.0 won’t damage your tiles or walls in your bathroom – it just takes 10 minutes to dismantle the system and get it ready to move to your new home.

They may be small, but our atomised water droplets are effective and robust. They flow 3x faster than standard shower droplets, rinsing shampoo with ease from thick and curly hair.

Using advanced design and thermofluids, the Nebia 2.0 provides a fantastic shower experience while it saves up to 65% of the water used by a standard shower.

The rainshower’s flow rate is 0.9 GPM, and the rainshower and wand combo is 1.3 GPM. As a result, Nebia 2.0 saves you thousands of litres of water annually, paying for itself within a few years.

Nebia by Moen allows you to save up to 45% of water when compared to a standard shower system by using advances in thermofluid design. You get the best shower experience possible while saving heaps of water. When you use just the rainshower on, the flow rate is 1.3 GPM. The flow rate is 1.75 GPM when you use the rainshower and wand at the same time.

Nebia by Moen pays for itself, saving you thousands of litres of water annually.

Our ‘no questions asked,’ hassle-free return policy allows you to try out your new shower for 30 days. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, just send it back for a full refund.

5 reviews for Nebia Spa Shower 2.0

  1. Roger F (verified owner)

    Nebia 2.0 is unbelievable!!
    Saves soo much water!! The softest and most enjoyable shower I have ever had!! Thankyou soo much guys for designing such a water saving efficient shower head system!! Was not allowed to order the system til this year, otherwise I would have already order it 2012 ! Followed you on kick-start since the beginning! Thank you so much for helping me save water!

  2. Jizhou H (verified owner)

    Great experience
    The shower experience feels soft and smooth like in a warm rainfall! Since I live in a place where the temp in winter is about 20F outside, It is a little bit cold in the winter. But it can get warm enough if I let the the water vapor fill the bathroom. Overall, it is fantastic!

  3. Mee B (verified owner)

    I LOVE my Nebia Shower!
    I absolutely LOVE my Nebia Shower! I find solace in knowing i can shower without WASTING so much water and take comfort that I am saving so much water! It was easy to install the the instructions were genius! Better than Ikeas

  4. Leo N (verified owner)

    Best Shower Ever
    I finally found the shower ive been looking for. I step in the shower and get a full body experience immediately. My hair is ready to shampoo in seconds. The water feels amazing with its strong wide pattern spray. The pressure is perfect. Im sold on this shower. I use much less water due to the full coverage on my body.

  5. Matthew B (verified owner)

    The total experience is lovely.
    Install is quick and easy, the shower is a warm cloud that functions so well that my showers are actually shorter in time as well as use less water per minute.

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