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All of the shower, half of the water.

Nebia by Moen Quattro is our first high-pressure showerhead that delivers up to 50% water-savings with a flow rate as low as 1.2 gallons-per-minute.

Quattro features a 6.5-inch wide showerhead with four unique and powerful spray modes to satisfy all types of shower preferences. Bring the Quattro showerhead into your home today with its universal compatibility, easy DIY install, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Four Powerful Spray Modes

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Nebia by Moen Quattro spay mode

Angel Hair

150 streams of water for a calming and soothing sensation that provides surprisingly high pressure and our warmest spray ever.

Nebia by Moen Quattro spay mode

Hard Spray

Ideal for rinsing thick and curly hair, and for the feeling of a high pressure massage.

Nebia by Moen Quattro spay mode


Our signature spa-like feeling for a drenching, misty experience.

Nebia by Moen Quattro spay mode

Super Saver

For when you want to save the most, while staying plenty warm. This “Soothing” mode is great for kids, pets, and sensitive skin.

The shower upgrade for any bathroom

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Quattro two styles

Two Styles to Suit You

The sleek and stylish Rainshower provides a simple elegance while the Handshower allows for easy versatility with its secure Magnetix™ dock.

Adjustable for that perfect angle

A brass ball joint allows for precise adjustment and durability for years to come.

Quattro adjustable
Quattro ocean recycled showerhead

Ocean Recycled Plastic components

Quattro is the first shower ever to have Ocean Recycled Plastic components. This is just the beginning for us. We are working towards making all of our products out of 100% sustainable materials.

All of the shower, half of the water

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Less water, more force

Quattro uses up to 50% less water and select modes deliver 60% more pressure than a standard shower.

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Easy install

Replace your showerhead in less than 3 minutes. It’s as easy as changing a lightbulb.

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Designed for the world

Quattro is universally compatible. We designed it for any wall connection, water pressure level, or type of shower you may have.


We take rinsability seriously at Nebia. Our engineers even developed a stringent rinsability test to ensure Quattro’s droplets are able to effectively rinse shampoo and conditioner out of even the thickest hair.

Pro tip: We recommend Hard Spray for thick and curly hair.

Yes, you can! The installation process is our easiest yet, only taking 1-2 minutes. It doesn’t require breaking tile, any fancy tools, or plumbing experience. Simply remove your existing shower head and hand tighten Quattro onto your shower arm. Watch our install videos here.

Nebia by Moen Quattro is universally compatible. We designed it for any wall connection, water pressure level, or type of shower you may have. It screws on just like a normal shower head, and the handheld version can be used with a waist high shower and slider bar. If you have any questions or doubts, email support@nebia.com and we'll be happy to help you out.

Nebia by Moen Quattro is renter-friendly and was designed for an easy install and uninstall, without needing any help from a plumber.

We recommend cleaning your Nebia by Moen Quattro with a mild soap, rinsing thoroughly with warm water and drying with a clean, soft cloth. For hard water, you can use white vinegar. Never use cleaners containing abrasives (including abrasive sponges or steel wool), ammonia, bleach or sodium hypochlorite, organic solvents (e.g. alcohols) or other harsh chemicals (e.g. lime scale removers) to clean, as they may damage the finish.

All four modes save between 40-50% of the water used by standard showers and almost 30% of the heating energy.