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Do These Things Every Day To Lower Your Environmental Impact

Our lifestyles revolve around convenience. Therefore it’s no wonder many people choose the easy routes. There’s no better time than now to adapt your daily habits to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Below, we’ve listed several ways in which you can lower your environmental impact. Surprisingly, most of which don’t require any drastic changes.

Here are 10 ways that you can reduce your own environmental impact, starting today:

1. Avoid Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastic is extremely harmful to the environment. Today, there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans amounting to 269,000 tonnes.

Therefore, it is essential that we cut down our use of such plastics to save our oceans.

Plastic is not only a pollutant, it’s also an ecosystem destroyer, over 200 animal species have been documented consuming plastic, and with detrimental effects. There is however hope to help prevent further damage.

Choose to use reusable materials instead of single-use plastic by choosing these products as alternatives for example:

  • Metal straws
  • Canvas tote bags for shopping
  • Lunch Boxes instead of takeaway containers

Plastic floating in ocean

2. Insulate Your Home

By choosing to fit quality insulation in your home, you will reduce the temptation of using indoor heaters. Insulation can save energy and yourself a big bill at the end of the month.

Though there will be periods of the year where you cannot avoid switching the heating on, insulation can help massively.

Focus on areas such as the attic, where insulation will help to regulate the temperature around the rest of the home. It’s also worth air sealing your home to close any gaps where your heating can escape.

3. Conserve Water in Your Home

Conserving the water in your home is a huge step in leading a more sustainable lifestyle. The conservation of water is crucial as it helps to keep water pure and clean while also protecting the environment.

The conservation of water means that we must act to use the global water supply wisely and responsibly. All humans rely on water for their livelihood, therefore it’s important to keep our water away from pollution and use it in limited quantities. By doing this, we can protect it for the generations to come.

Nebia’s low flow showerhead is easily installed and will save around 65% of water, a considerable effort in the conservation of water in the house.

You’ll save both money and water by fitting one of our innovative eco-friendly showers, and you can even track your water usage with an interactive calculator.

In the U.K., around 250 litres are used each day by a person. One bath uses approximately 80 litres of water, and every time you flush a toilet, you use another 5 litres of water.

We recommend using water mindfully and to make it a habit to switch off taps when brushing your teeth. Every small action helps when it comes to conserving water.

4. Buy Products That Use Recyclable Packaging

More and more companies are recognising the importance of using recyclable packaging. However, there are many materials that still cannot be recycled. Each time you buy something in non-recyclable packaging, you are having an impact on the environment.

Where possible, choose products packaged in cardboard or recycle bottles for example. From food to household goods, be aware of your recycling opportunities when it comes to packaging.

Cardboard packaging

5. Reduce Home Energy Use

Each home in the U.K. uses around 3,940kWh of energy each year. This is a tremendous amount of energy that can be easily reduced with a few new habits around the house.

Turn off appliances when they’re not in use, update to LED bulbs, and consider solar power where you can. As one of the most energy-efficient pieces of lighting technology, LED bulbs also have better durability than a standard bulb.

All of these actions to change how you use energy will contribute to conserving energy for the greater good.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall, English Primatologist and Anthropologist.

6. Shop Local and Organic Produce

Being aware of what we consume is of great importance. As the global population grows, so does the demand for food. By shopping for local and organic produce, you will positively reduce supply and demand for mass-produced foods.

Meat consumption is also another area which requires habits to be changed. On a global level, animal agriculture is responsible for a larger number of greenhouse gases than all transport combined.

These shocking statistics revealed by PETA, demonstrate a way in which we can all actively cut down meat intake for a healthier environment.

Fruit and veg

7. Wash Laundry Using a Cold Wash

Most of us pay very little attention to the cycles we use when washing our laundry, but there’s one reason we should.

Using hot water to wash clothes, consumes lots of energy. While it is necessary to use a machine (and a lot of water), by choosing a cold wash, you reduce energy use.

If you’re washing everyday clothing that doesn’t consist of delicate textiles, always use a cold wash. Don’t forget to opt for hanging your clothes out to dry where the weather allows!

8. Use Public Transportation Instead of Driving

It’s no secret that using cars is harmful to the environment. If you’re a regular car commuter, there are more eco-friendly options to get you to work.
If you reside in a city, using local public transport can be a practical step in lowering your environmental impact. While C02 emissions will still be produced, you’ll significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

For families that are travelling to the same destination, consider car-sharing or even cycling if the location you live in is safe to do so.

9. Install Rain Barrels

Have you heard of rain barrels before? A rain barrel is a type of barrel used outdoors to collect rainwater. Once the water has been collected or ‘harvested’, it can then be used for things such as watering indoor plants, or for when you need to water your own garden — though it’s not recommended to drink as it may contain a lot of contaminants.

10. Plant trees and save the planet

Every time that you shop online or browse the web, you have the opportunity to plant a tree. OurForest is an app that allows everyday internet users to plant a tree alongside their purchase.

Shopping has massive environmental impacts from the creation of goods to shipping them in vans. When you shop online, you can choose to make a conscious effort to give your action an eco-friendly boost.

With over 750 shops participating in the initiative, OurForest plants trees for free on your behalf!

Trees in a forrest

Are You Ready For A Green Future?

Though it can be daunting to adopt new lifestyle habits, especially if you’ve been in your ways for so long, it can be easy too!

Nebia U.K’s mission is to contribute to a greener future with our innovative showers available for installation.

And, while conserving water in your home is just one step that you can take, it is an impactful one in creating a healthier environment. If you’re looking to change the way that you use water daily, consider a low-flow shower in your home as the first step!

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