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Designing Your Own Luxury Bathroom Complete With An Indulgent Shower

Have you been busy putting together your own luxury bathroom mood board? Looking for the perfect shower to bring about ultimate relaxation?

At Nebia UK, we know a thing or two about creating luxury bathrooms. Most people overlook the impact a shower design has on the overall appearance of a bathroom. If you’re in need of inspiration when it comes to selecting a shower fixture to enhance your luxury bathroom, we’ve compiled everything you could need below.

Man looking out window of luxury bathroom

All that will be left to do is say ‘Alexa, play spa music’ and hang your robe on the towel rail. Your luxury bathroom is awaiting you…

Luxury Shower Designs

Once you have sketched out your floor plan and have an idea of where things will go, it’s time to think about fixtures and fittings. Choosing the right luxury shower design or bathtub is key in creating your mini oasis. Of course, there are a few styles that will bring about your desired atmosphere.

Woman in luxury bathroom

The Marbled Walk-In Shower

Let’s start with the walk-in shower which is at the top of the luxury shower design list. There’s many reasons people choose this style of shower in their home, besides the fact it provides ample space.

Luxury marbled bathroom

With glass doors, a walk-in shower enclosure gives the illusion of a mini spa in your own home. And, of course, you can even go as far as adding a rainfall shower head into the design too. Marble tiles can add the final finishing touch to a walk-in enclosure for an opulent and timeless design.

Luxury shower

Contemporary Wet Room Shower

For those that have the available space, a wet room shower design is the contemporary hallmark of luxury. With a whole room to shower in, there’s absolutely no chance of feeling claustrophobic. What’s more, is you can get really fancy with the type of shower fixture that you install.

Luxury bathroom

Whether you envision numerous shower jets showering you at once, or want to fit a smart shower device, the option is completely yours. Imagine a whole room solely for showering, now that’s OUR idea of heaven.

Matte Black Features

Matte Black fixtures and fittings continue to be very on-trend in bathroom design. Sleek in appearance while bringing about total-body water coverage, all of the Nebia showers are subtly luxurious and provide an ultimate spa experience. However, if you’re looking for a matte black focal point in your bathroom, the Nebia by Moen is for you.

Nebia by Moen black Shower head

Paired with marble tiles, black fixtures can create a bold yet elegant appearance that is guaranteed to impress. Whether you’re working with a smaller en-suite space or a master bathroom, the matte black Nebia by Moen spa shower is a fixture worth considering for a luxury finish.

Luxury walk in shower

Not only does this shower look impressive, but it’s also an excellent choice for green living too. You’ll save water year-round which makes the initial investment certainly worthwhile. Who said sustainable products at home can’t be luxurious?

Recreating The Spa At Home

This shower really is for those people that want to recreate the spa experience at home. That’s why we’ve even named this shower the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0. The classic Nebia shower has been redesigned to give the same minimalistic look with upgraded proprietary spray nozzles.

Nebia spa Shower 2 in luxury bathroom

We recommend the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 to anyone who enjoys long, hot showers. Fitting in with contemporary design, these showers are designed to look the part as well as perform. You’ll benefit from 3x faster droplets with the Nebia luxury shower heads and 2x better coverage than a traditional shower. Moreover, there are two modern colours to choose from including Matte Black and Matte Silver.

Do you want to create your very own spa at home? The Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 provides a showering experience unlike no other.

Statement Tile Colours

No matter the type of shower design you settle on, the surrounding decor in your bathroom space really matters. Statement colours can be used to bring about a real air of sophistication in any shower enclosure.

Luxury bathroom

While you may want to steer on the safe side and go for traditional white tiles, why not consider forest green? Or, if green doesn’t appeal to you there’s always striking red.

Luxury bathroom

Don’t be afraid to use statement coloured tiles in your bathroom space to frame your luxury shower. They can help to create a feature in the room and if used wisely will complement your shower fixture.

Showering With Lights

While lighting may not be at the top of your agenda when searching for luxury showers, it certainly shouldn’t be neglected. With the right lighting, any shower design can be elevated to bring about added sophistication.

Luxury bathroom

If you’re in the process of creating your spa bathroom complete with a Nebia shower, consider how you can use lighting to up the atmosphere. Yes, it’s not crucial but it can drastically change your showering experience.

With so many smart home devices for home automation available these days, you can even find lighting that will dim at your command. Stepping into the shower and setting the lights down low is guaranteed to recreate that warming spa experience.

Luxury bathroom mirror lighting

Statement Patterned Tiles

Patterns can be scary to use, especially if you’re working with a smaller interior space, but they needn’t be! Monochrome colour themes are heavily featured throughout luxury bathrooms and a patterned tile can set the scene.

Luxury patterned bathroom

If you’re considering buying our Matte Black Nebia by Moen, perhaps you’re looking for some complimentary tiles. Repeated patterns such as the classic Victorian style tile can look particularly striking in a bathroom.

Shop the Nebia by Moen shower now and learn about how you can save water every time you shower paying for itself within a few years.

Smart Showers

In a world where more people are trying to live eco-consciously, a smart shower could fit into your own sustainable luxury bathroom. We recommend the Nebia by Moen if you are looking to create a contemporary design while benefiting from saving water too.

Luxury shower nebia

The Nebia by Moen has been created in partnership with Moen, one of the leaders in shower technology. It brings about 2X more water coverage than a standard shower, yet it saves almost half the water!

Outside of the Nebia by Moen, other ‘smart’ showers include digital shower models too. Using digital devices, the shower’s temperature and pressure can be controlled to bring about the optimum settings.

Are you seeking a contemporary eco-friendly luxury shower for your own bathroom? Browse the Nebia shower product range today. It really couldn’t be easier to step in and indulge…

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