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Nebia Shower in white

Why A Low-Flow Showerhead Raised £6 Million On Kickstarter

Showering is a part of our ordinary daily routine, but it should be extraordinary. Nebia brings about a showering experience like no other, and ...
Woman using luxury spa shower

Save Over £1,000 On Your Water Bill With A Nebia Showerhead

In a world of increasing expenses, it's important we look at how to save money at home. One area in which you can really ...
Nebia shower in luxury bathroom

Why Every Luxury Bathroom Needs A Spa Shower

In this guide, we're going to talk you through the excellent benefits of choosing a spa shower and how it could transform your showering ...
Walk in shower

5-Minute Guide to Create A Sustainable Luxury Bathroom

No luxury bathroom is complete without the essentials. But, what are they, do you ask? We've put together a 5-minute guide for anybody seeking ...
Man looking out window of luxury bathroom

Designing Your Own Luxury Bathroom Complete With An Indulgent Shower

At Nebia UK, we know a thing or two about creating luxury bathrooms. Most people overlook the impact a shower design has on the ...
Plastic floating in ocean

Do These Things Every Day To Lower Your Environmental Impact

Our lifestyles revolve around convenience. Therefore it's no wonder many people choose the easy routes. There's no better time than now to adapt your ...

How to Implement Sustainable Technology In Our Homes

Look around your home, and what do you see? A lot of technology. But, how much of the technology in your home is sustainable? ...