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5-Minute Guide to Create A Sustainable Luxury Bathroom

No luxury bathroom is complete without the essentials. But, what are they, do you ask? We’ve put together a 5-minute guide for anybody seeking the answer to the question above.

From choosing the right shower to decorative accessories, we’ll walk you through what to include as part of your luxury bathroom design and how to ensure that your choices are sustainable.

Elegant Hand Basins

Elegant Hand Basins

One of the key points to consider while designing a luxury bathroom is, of course, the hand basin or basins. If space allows, you could invest in a double basin for your bathroom. Also known as ‘his and her sinks’ , double basins can elevate the aesthetic of any bathroom to bring about sophistication and bring about extra practicality too.

Where possible, we advise choosing cold water over warm water to ensure sustainability. You can also massively reduce your water bill by simply switching off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth too!

For those that enjoy modern design, there are plenty of square and rectangular shaped basins available. Angular shapes are always on trend and look particularly attractive in a bathroom. The type of faucet that you choose can also add to the overall look of your basin and water sustainability. From relaxing waterfall tap functions to traditional on/off types, there’s a lot to choose from.

His and her sinks

Walk-In Showers

A shower is arguably one of the most important features in a bathroom. Therefore, getting both the design and functionality of your own luxury shower right is essential. Walk-in showers are often seen in designer bathrooms as they not only help to save space but also look beautiful.

For the ultimate sustainable spa shower experience, we recommend choosing the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0. As the perfect addition to a luxury bathroom design, you’ll benefit from total body coverage and a unique water delivery system that provides more pressure. However, you’ll also save water year round and become part of a global sustainable movement.

As far as colour and design go, classic white works wonders when trying to achieve an opulent finish. Of course, if you’re feeling a bit more daring, there are some bolder colour combinations worth trying.

Create a scenic backdrop to your shower enclosure with patterned statement tiles or a splash of green, for example. Matte black fixtures are excellent for bringing about a more contemporary look, and the Nebia by Moen comes in a matte black colour option making it perfect for this aesthetic.

Walk in shower

Freestanding Baths

Who doesn’t want to bathe like royalty in their luxury bathroom? A freestanding bath is a traditional and timeless central feature for a bathroom. And, today there are many different designs to choose from. Whether you want to stick with a classic roll-top bath or go for something more modern, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

As far as contemporary design goes, we recommend an oriental-inspired freestanding tub and you’re set for a luxury experience every time you step foot into your bathroom space. If you’re looking for a suitable shower for placement over a bath, the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 is guaranteed to elevate your relaxing experience further.

Likewise, a slipper bath or clawfoot tub is going to add a promising luxury aesthetic making your bathroom fit enough for royalty. One way to ensure sustainable use of your bath is to limit how often you bathe and opt for a shower where you can instead.

Free standing bath


Getting the lighting right in a bathroom is super important. Many people overlook the type of lighting that they install into their interior spaces – don’t be one of them!

Lighting can help to set the right tone in your bathroom and make a place to truly relax in. From downlights that cast a warming glow to lights around the mirror, there are many options that you can consider in your own space.

We recommend using warmer lighting if you’re creating a spa-like atmosphere. And, of course, candles are an absolute must for a luxury ambience.

If you want to save energy with the lighting in your bathroom, choose LED light bulbs. We also recommend sticking to natural daylight where you can to avoid wasting electricity and lower your environmental impact!

Bathroom lighting

Finishing Touches

Decorative touches are crucial for any bathroom. There are certain accessories that are guaranteed to add opulence into your space. Start with the mirror or mirrors in the area.

Traditional oval-shaped mirrors work very well in just about any bathroom. A gilded vintage framed mirror can add a special touch and can be picked up at an antique store. Just head on out and see what preloved decor items you can find – we’re sure you’ll be surprised!

Heated towel rails which are also known as towel warmer, are an excellent addition to any luxury bathroom space. You’ll thank yourself for paying for one of these towel rails when you can step out of the bath or shower and into a hot robe or towel. Of course, we recommend only using the heated rail intermittently to save energy.

Refillable Bottles can look classy when displayed in a bathroom. You can find recycled glass options and many stores participate in offering refillable shampoo and conditioner these days. Head down to your local store to refill your bottles when needed and help to save the environment.

Putting bathroom plants is a great addition to any interior space, and some of them thrive exceptionally well when living in a bathroom. Aloe vera is a right choice as it requires regular misting. Ferns also require a similar environment, and they favour damp conditions.

Bathroom plants

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